|| Who we are

Our company develops powered exoskeleton to help those with lower-limb impairment walk again and reconnect with their community. As a world leader in the field, we set records of performance and keep pushing the boundaries of technology for the benefit of human beings. Fundamentally user-centered, we believe that life should be accessible to all. We have therefore developed the world's lightest exoskeleton of its kind and work everyday towards ever more inclusion through disruptive technology.

|| Position

You will be in charge of leading our development team towards making our next generation robotic exoskeleton. You will grow a cross-disciplinary team from the ground up and integrate the contributions from different fields of expertise. You will develop a product that will help thousands of patients reconnect with society. Your experience in developing robotic medical devices will benefit the team and inspire respect and interest from your co-workers. It will have a substantial contribution to the product’s value provided to the patients and their relatives.

Responsibilities and Duties

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